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    energyXT 2.7 WiN MAC LiNUX

    TEAM UNION/R2R | 05/14/14 | WiN: | 32.08 MB | MAC: 49.48 MB | LiNUX 4.99 MB

    energyXT is one of the most flexible VST sequencers available. You can even run it inside another sequencer as a VST plugin. energyXT was voted top 3 in the KvR member survey (in the Overall commercial host of the year category). You simply cant go wrong with energyXT. Easy to use MIDI & audio sequencer with track freeze, track groove and time-saving ghost clips. The easy to use Piano roll features a great step mode for quickly entering drum beats and basslines. There’s even a random function for making variation of drums, bass and melodies. Built-in polyphonic sampler with multi-mode filters and powerfull modulation routing. Create great sounding patches with envelopes, LFO’s, the built-in delay and unison effect. Loads 16 / 24 / 32-bit samples in moro/stereo. Create your own custom skins, or download user skins from magesy download the internet. Almost anything in energyXT can be replaced by a color or bitmap.

    Key Features:
    Audio engine

    • – 32-bit audio engine with time-stretching/pitch-shifting algorithm from magesy download zplane development
    • – Supports industry standard VST instruments and effects
    • – Thread-based disk streaming and audio recording
    • – Automatic plugin delay compensation
    • – Offline render to 16/24/32 bit mono/stereo wav files at any sample rate
    • – Runs with ASIO, ALSA or as VST plugin


    • – Streamlined interface with skinning support
    • – Arrange/dock editor windows into multiple tabs
    • – Transporter bar with metronome and tempo
    • – Browser with drag & drop of instruments, effects, samples and loops
    • – Modular component view for MIDI and audio routing

    Sequencing and recording

    • – Unlimited MIDI, audio, drum, and folder tracks
    • – Master tempo, time-sig and marker tracks
    • – Track types: MIDI, audio, drum-samnpler and folder track
    • – Multi-track recording
    • – In-track editing of MIDI, audio, and drum events
    • – Track-mixer for easy mixing of selected track
    • – Arpeggiator with random and probability on each MIDI track
    • – Swing/shuffle control on each track
    • – MIDI, audio, and drum parts can be saved as self-containing library clips (.xtc)
    • – Parts can be ghosted (edit one part, and all other parts will be updated too)
    • – Clip-based automation of all Mixer and VST parameters
    • – Per sample forward/reverse and 3 resample modes: normal, re-pitch and stretch
    • – Popup-editor for MIDI and audio parts
    • – Supports 16/24/32 bit mono/stereo wav formats as well as REX2 (Win and Mac only)

    Mixing and automation

    • – Per-channel trim, volume, pan, mute, and solo
    • – Unlimited insert effects and send effects per channel
    • – 4-band equalizer per channel
    • – All parameters in the mixer can be automated from magesy download the sequencer and/or external MIDI in
    • – Any number of group channels can be added for sub-mixing


    • – Phase modulation synthesizer and sampler in one
    • – Layer and split synthesized and sampled sounds
    • – Per-program reverb and delay effects
    • – Multi-mode filter with cutoff and resonance
    • – Poly, mono and glide
    • – Volume and filter envelopes
    • – 4 LFO’s and 4 envelopes with 4 param destinations each
    • – Per-sound phaser and chorus/flanger
    • – Option to edit “all” sounds at once

    Multi effect processor

    • – Available effects: reverb, delay, guitar amp, chorus/flanger, phaser, bit crusher, filter, and compressor.
    • – Any number of effects can be used in a chain

    6-may – energyXT 2.7 final

    • Track presets
    • Add up to 8 favorite VST params for each track (using VST plugin) in the mixer with midi controller support
    • Added support for VST IO changes
    • Added level per audio clip
    • The Editor Tab buttons can now be merged with main menu to save screen space (on by default)
    • Preview loops in browser will now play in sync with song
    • Mixer strip in sequencer now has audio output selector by track (and not per VST) for multi-out VST’s
    • Added transpose buttons to object bar
    • New mixer panel in sequencer (like in v1.4)
    • Render audio to drum pad
    • Record VST automation with midi controllers (using favorite params mapping on track)
    • Addded Favorites section to browser
    • Recording audio will now name the recorded files using the track name
    • Drag & drop plugins on to midi tracks will now replace current plugin(s), unless shift or alt is pressed
    • Copy/paste controller data
    • Drag samples from magesy download audio pool to sampler
    • Use Alt + Shift + Up/Down to change velocity and controllers by +/- 1
    • Add MIDI track from magesy download track menu
    • MIDI to markes on/off is now saved per project (and not global option)
    • Invert selection
    • Rewind will now restart current marker in marker-track mode
    • Nicer logo in titlebar
    • Fixed a multi-timbral bug as midi events was not sent in sorted order when mulitple tracks routed to the same instrument
    • EQ track automation had the numbers of EQ 1-4 reversed, now fixed
    • Fixed bug with recording the EQ gain knob
    • You can now modify the selected pitch bend event in objectbar
    • Copy/paste controllers in to part didnt work when mouse was inside the controllers lanes, now fixed
    • Object bar didnt diplay note length in last beat, now fixed
    • Fixed crash when loading XTC clips with missing VST plugin
    • Fixed crash when adding midi out device to a tack containing a VST
    • Fixed issue with custom volume knob image and old skin. Skins made in 2.7 beta v2 may have to be fixed manually
    • Duplicate track will now also copy arp data
    • Enter values for velocity and controller data manually in object bar
    • Added speedbuttons for transposing by octave in objectbar
    • Width of track panel now saved with project
    • Added mute/solo highlight state in gui editor
    • Fixed bug with arp and hanging notes
    • Fixed bug with drgging automation and parts with trimmed start
    • Fixed some flatten bugs related to sampe rate
    • Fixed bugs with SF2 loop points and sample rate
    • Fixed step rec bug on linux
    • Wil now show warning when trying to overwrite read-only project

    energyXT 2.7 WiN MAC LiNUX-UNiON


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